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Teach a child.
Change a life.

After a volunteer trip to Ethiopia in 1999, Greta Sebald and Christine Carroll Collinet returned to their homes in Minneapolis, MN USA and formed the non-profit Fill a Mind & Heart. Their goal - to continue to provide educational opportunities to children in need.

Today, our organization is represented by a dedicated board of directors and volunteers committed to the same goal. For more than 20 years, we have partnered with the Salesian Sisters of the Don Bosco schools in Ethiopia. While Fill a Mind & Heart is not a religious organization, we have found that the Sisters share our mission. They are dedicated to teaching the poorest of the poor, with special emphasis on young girls, who are often denied their chance at learning due to poverty or social status.

We are currently focusing our efforts on the children of the Kinder programs (ages 3-6) at the Don Bosco school in the town of Dilla. Our goal each year is to remove the financial burden from families and fund the entire school, providing tuition, supplies and a daily meal to over 500 children in need. 

Over time, your commitment has had a transformational effect not only on the children, but also their families and community. Education truly changes lives.

Fill a Mind & Heart is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Because our organization is run entirely by volunteers, we are able to ensure that 100% of your contributions go directly to serving children in Ethiopia.


Your generous donations are used to fund:

  • Annual student tuition

  • Books

  • School supplies

  • Uniforms

  • Daily meals

  • Basic medical needs

  • Teacher salaries

  • School maintenance

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