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A New School Year Begins

Despite challenges, the Kinder program at the Don Bosco school in Dilla, Ethiopia welcomed a new class of learners this fall. Last year, many students were unable to attend school due to COVID-19, and while the threat is ongoing, both teachers and students are committed to resuming the education process.

Due to the relatively safe, clean environment and high-quality education provided by the school, there has been an overwhelming demand from parents to get their children enrolled. To meet the need, class size has been increased at all three levels. Today, there are 210 students in 3 nursery classes (age 3), 211 students in 3 lower classes (age 4), and 192 students in 3 upper classes (age 5), for a total of 613 people registered in the Kinder school this year.

Because of the effects of the virus, many families in the community have been without an income for extended periods and need help sending their children to school. Today, as the primary funding source for all school programs, your donations to Fill a Mind & Heart are more important than ever. They enable the school in Dilla to move forward with their mission, providing the youngest members of the community a with the chance to overcome obstacles and begin their educational journey.

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