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Providing Tools for the Future

Demand for places in the Kinder program at the Don Bosco school in Dilla, Ethiopia continues to be as high as ever, with 5 applications for every opening. Parents recognize that education is a key factor in building a better life of self-reliance not only for their children, but also their families and community. While public school options exist, they can’t compare to the learning opportunities and support that the Don Bosco school can provide.

Your donations allow the school to take in as many new learners as possible, with almost 600 students enrolled for the 2022-23 school year. Just as important, you ensure the school can retain a talented staff of 18 teachers and 12 support personnel. All are dedicated to ensuring that young people start their education journey on the right path, while also developing the personal and social skills they will need to manage life’s challenges and take control of their futures.

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